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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sunshine and Summer Arrivals!

Gentle Souls comfy shoes.

Dear Readers,
A happy spring day to all! First, I'll get the business out of the way... To my lovely subscribers, if this post came to your email inbox, click on the blue title link to view the entire post in its correct format. The photos and captions look so much more beautiful that way! This will also enable you to comment and view others' comments.

Second, as promised, I drew a name randomly from all who commented on the previous closet cleaning post. The winner of 50 hangers and foam covers is Cindy N! Congratulations, Cindy. You can read that post and all the comments by clicking on this sentence.

Now, on to the good stuff! It's a beautiful sunny day! Let's celebrate! Including today we've had three whole sunny days in a row. We are going to be so spoiled!! And I say it's about time!

Do you want to brighten up your spring wardrobe to go along with the balmy weather? Take a look at what's new at Renee's, and then come in and try on our latest arrivals.

Nick and Mo sweet feminine sweater, Zenim crop jeans.

Nic+Zoe sweater, tank top, and pants.

graphic button tank
and linen cotton
easy skirt.

Nomadic Traders
green and turquoise
stripe boat neck
tops, Silver pants
and jeans.

Nomadic Traders
green and turquoise
tops and breezy skirts.

Sun Kim grape
crinkle jacket,
pull on pants.
Elana Kattan
scoop neck top,
Comfy USA pants.

These lilacs were generously given to me
from my beloved neighbor Mary. Certainly these are
a lovely, sweet-smelling reminder of spring.

I hope you are enjoying your day! Happy sunny weather!

With love to you,


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tackle Your Closet; Win New Hangers!

Dear Readers,
Does your spring-cleaning routine include your clothing closet? Regular culling not only helps me find things faster, but a well-organized space gives me peace of mind. A clean, clutter-free closet will allow you to appreciate the time and money investments you’ve made in your wardrobe.

Simplify. If you decide to tackle your closet, I recommend going through your belongings twice. On the first go-round, get rid of anything that 1. Is worn out, 2. You no longer like, 3. Is out of style, or 4. You haven’t worn in the past two years. As you declutter your closet, evaluate. Let go of clothes that are too small and give up items you don’t intend to wear. Decide if these “clearance” items will be given away or tossed, depending on how well used the garment is. Labeled boxes can be useful during this step.

On the second time through, try on the remaining clothing. Create a third box for items that need alterations. At this point another person’s opinion could be helpful. Make your closet cleaning activity more fun by mixing, matching and styling outfits while playing your favorite music! Not only do you have a clean closet but a pocketful of outfit ideas that can save you time and money.

Reorganize. Now you can rearrange the remaining items. I like to use matching hangers. Wooden hangers, although beautiful, are expensive and take up lots of room. Velvet flocked hangers prevent slippage. Flocked and plastic tube hangers are narrow and conserve space. Wire hangers are flimsy, ugly and slippery. They can get tangled, and they don’t support the clothing. I recommend recycling these.

I use plastic hangers with metal swivel tops. Not only are they economical, but also they allow all of my clothing to hang in the same direction no matter how I place it on the hanger. To prevent slippery or wide-neck tops from falling off I apply adhesive foam.

I suggest you arrange like clothing categories together. Examples include knit tops, blouses, sweaters, jeans, pants, and jackets. Sort tops by sleeve length. For example, group together strappy tanks, sleeveless tops, cap sleeves, three quarter sleeve and long sleeves. You won’t have to rummage as much to find the tops you want.

I fold my heavy sweaters (stored on shelves) and workout apparel. Exercise apparel is again separated by sleeve length and stored in a drawer.

These organization steps will help you see your closet contents and determine what can be worn together. Imagine opening your closet doors and smiling with a sense of satisfaction rather than sighing in exasperation. When you pare down your possessions, your closet will work for you.

If you have other tips, suggestions, techniques or questions that aren’t listed above, please share them in the comment block below. Or just leave your name in the comment field. On Monday I will draw one name from the comments. Winner will receive fifty free hangers and foam hanger covers. I will announce the winner’s name on the next blog post. Thank you for your input!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Newest Arrivals, Just in Time for Mother's Day!

What would I recommend you give your mom for Mother's Day from Renee's? Just in time for Mother's Day, here are a few of the our latest arrivals that could be just perfect for her...

1. Amy Leiner jewelry. Choose a unique piece from this magnificent new collection to brighten up her wardrobe, and show her know how special she is! Amy Leiner, designer, is a color genius. The spectacular color combinations, pairing of stones, and movement of her pieces ensure that each is one of a kind piece designed by a true artist. Own one and you'll want more. This jewelry is a work of art that you can wear every day.

2. Handcrafted in Illinois, Ella E. jewelry would make a wonderful gift. Oxidized in an eco-fiendly process, brass is paired with Swarovski® crystals, semi precious stones, and vintage glass from Germany. Ella E is artisan made in the US by a Chicago designer. Clasps on the side in front for easy access and secure wearing.

3. Comfy and easy care apparel like Two Dog Island or
4. Focus brands. Wash and dry. Cute. Great with jeans. Wearable every day!

5. New shoes! My mom is always looking for comfy shoes. She will love these black Donald Pliner shoes, just in today!, with a not-too-high heel.

6. Delicious-smelling soaps to to encourage her to pamper of herself!

7. A new dress! Any mother would appreciate a new spring dress. The first, by Abbie Mags, is classic casual. The second, by Elana Kattan, would be perfect for a cocktail party. If you have a wedding coming up the Komarov dress in dusty plum would be perfect for mother or grandmother of the bride or groom...

8. A dressy top by Sympli in dusty plum to go with her black pants and a matching scarf, or
9. a cute sweater and a pair of jeans, for her casual days....

10. A light-weight latte-colored spring coat by Sun Kim. This coat has a wire in the collar, so she can make the collar stand up and look like royalty wearing this!

My mom, Sandy, is pictured here with my brother's three kids. Reuben (left) graduated from college last weekend with a nursing degree, Rebekah will be a college senior majoring in nursing, and Jacob, who just declared his major... nursing! recently finished his freshman year of college. Love ya, Mom!

Happy Mother's Day to all! May all mothers be blessed for all you do, and may your day be filled with family, friends and loved ones!